Your trials: optimized.

Our offerings improve the entire research process. Utilizing our unique integrated electronic health record approach, we apply OGI technology and health algorithms to find the right patients for the right specific trials. This differentiating process leads to accelerated study timelines. Let our advantage be yours.

Tech that works for science.

Our proprietary set of tools, coupled with our relationships with providers, enables us to deliver a unique service that will accelerate your traditional trial execution or support hybrid and virtual trial designs.

A smarter, more efficient way to deliver qualified patients:

  • Accelerated study timelines using technology-enabled data access for faster trial screening and enrollment
  • Unparalleled feedback looping physicians, investigators, coordinators, and patients together seamlessly
  • Overall improvement of healthcare through precision clinical insights provided for physicians, patients, and research teams at the point of care


Our ability to prescreen patients for trials via actual EHR review across providers allows us to extract data and create algorithms that prequalify and identify ideal patients for trials. This unique integrated approach allows us to learn from the data, make inferences, and continually improve our algorithms over time – leading to more ideal patient identification for each trial.


Our dashboard uses custom metrics and real-time data, allowing for more efficient and accurate patient data tracking in the context of research. This, combined with enhancements like wearables and electronic patient reporting options, allows for a more complete picture of our study patients.


Those patients who are not eligible for current trials will still receive remote care management. What’s more, our system continuously reevaluates each of these patients to determine if a new available trial might be an option.

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Let’s transform.

If you’re ready to learn how our new offerings can drastically improve efficiencies for your trials, we’re ready to partner with you.