A different approach to integrated research. A different view of healthcare data. A different method for addressing diseases at the point of care. If we are to improve patient outcomes – and improve the health of communities and change lives – we must do things differently.

The nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) epidemic.

A silent chronic disease, NASH is an ever-growing health concern in our country today. Primarily stemming from obesity, it causes liver inflammation and scarring that can lead to cirrhosis, heart and kidney problems, liver cancer, and ultimately death. What’s worse is that few patients are aware they have the condition.

While GI research is being conducted worldwide to treat NASH, it’s all in the infancy stages. Currently no therapeutic treatment options exist for the condition, and the cost burden on the global economy is only rising – into the billions annually.

So it’s time to make a change.

A healthcare advancement through data.

Our approach is to directly impact lives. We’re identifying and caring for patients where they’re already being seen – in the gastroenterology practice. By partnering with leading GI physicians, we have created premier clinical trial centers that are working together to provide the necessary data aimed at developing new therapies for NASH and improving patient outcomes. 
Everything we’re doing at ObjectiveGI is focused on helping patients. We’re offering them more regular, specialized care. We’re addressing a need. We’re making innovative, new treatment options available. We’re changing lives. 
We invite you to be part of all the innovation we’re working toward.

Transforming clinical research.

Using unique data science processes and advanced technology, we provide an electronic health-record approach that utilizes integrated screening, telehealth, trial management systems, and more to optimize research trials. Learn more.


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A look at the NASH numbers.



The number of people in the US who have NASH



The amount the US spends annually in healthcare costs related to NASH



The global market for new NASH drugs

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When NASH will be the leading indication for liver transplant in the US

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